The word fireworks evokes memories of the midst of summer—hot sun’s glare, smoke in the air from hot dogs on the grill, and of course red, white and blue décor everywhere. However, Independence Day isn’t the only celebration that calls for the explosives. People are incorporating fireworks to enhance the milestone moments of their own lives.

Here are some unconventional uses for fireworks that take life’s special moments and celebrations to the next level.

Sweet 16

A girl’s 16th birthday commemorates her transition from child to woman. Sweet 16 party traditions include a father daughter dance in honor of their relationship, distributing 16 candles to all of the birthday girls’ loved ones, and changing her shoes from flats to high heels as an official initiation into womanhood. A surprise fireworks show is the perfect way to end a lovely coming of age celebration.

Prom Proposal

Over the years prom proposals, or promposals, have become increasingly creative and elaborate. One that’s sure to catch everyone’s attention and spread like wildfire on social media? A fireworks proposal! The proposer creates a scavenger hunt that leads his soon-to-be date to an elegant fireworks show. It’s a sure way to secure a “yes” to the prom and perhaps even a prize for best school promposal.

Engagement Proposals

What’s more serious than asking a date to the prom? Asking someone to spend the rest of their lives with you, of course. Engagement proposals mark the beginning of forever for couples. Though the actual bending on one knee and asking is quite quick, the soon to be fiancé plans meticulously to ensure his future wife’s moment is spectacular. Insert fireworks and the couple have a picture perfect start to their marriage. After all, happy wife happy life.

Gender Reveal Parties

Forget the gender reveal cake! Parents-to-be are revealing the gender of their unborn babies with fireworks. What used to be a secret saved for the date of delivery is now something that can be shared with everyone before the baby’s debut into the world. Some parents are even opting to find out at the party alongside their guests. They receive the baby’s sex concealed in an envelope from their doctor. Then, they hand it over to the staff at the fireworks store and receive the fireworks in a concealed container. What better way to be surprised than with bright pink or blue colors in the sky?

Celebrations of Life

Increasingly, some people are choosing to have Celebrations of Life services in place of traditional funerals for their loved ones. The event replaces the somber tone of mourning, with a more festive and joyous celebration honoring the deceased’s life. A personalized fireworks show is the perfect touch to remembering the loved one in a jubilant way.

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