Fireworks aren’t just chemical, combustible mixtures that look pretty when they explode— they have long held cultural and historical significance by commemorating important festivals and holidays. Fireworks come in many different forms, and it can be helpful to know which main types work best for specific celebrations.

Smoke bombs

Once lighted, smoke bombs effectively produce smoke, instead of simply exploding. They come in a variety of colors. These are best to use during the day because it may become hard to see the smoke at night.


Usually coming in cone shaped devices, fountains, or volcanoes, release a shower of sparks when ignited. This type of firework is milder than most, and is ideal for younger children. Fountains come in a wide ranges of sizes, and can reach tall heights, emitting different colors.


Another favorite with children, especially during Fawkes Night and Diwali, sparklers are sticks that sparkle when ignited. There are two main types of sparklers— ones made from metal and ones made from paper. The paper sparklers, or Morning Glories, are usually safer because the stick doesn’t remain hot after the sparkler has gone out.


These fireworks usually produce a much smaller explosion and quieter sound. They come in many different forms, like party poppers, snakes, and flying lanterns, each with unique effects.


After lighting up a spinner, it will literally spin around on the ground. Although it is a pretty sight, this type of firework is not as explosive as others. Spinners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from smaller, shorter-lasting fireworks to larger, longer-lasting ones. While spinning, these fireworks will release colorful, multi-shaped sparks.

Missiles and Rockets

These fireworks have gained notoriety for being dangerous in many areas. Because of this, some varieties have become banned over the years, so it is always best to check local rules about fireworks before use. If handled properly, rockets and missiles will shoot into the sky after being lighted, creating an explosion of color and sparkle.

Aerial Repeaters

These are the biggest and most costly type of fireworks, which have also been referred to as “cakes.” Once ignited, the fireworks explode in a series of patterns, including flowers and comets.


Come check out our extensive selection of fireworks and talk to our staff about what you’ll need for your celebration. If safety and local rules are observed carefully, fireworks can be a great way to get into the festivities of a holiday. Prior to lighting a firework, make sure to take every precaution necessary to prevent injuries and maximize fun!