While fireworks are normally associated with Independence Day in the US, they are used around the world for many different cultural and religious celebrations. Here is a quick look at how other countries use fireworks in their festivals and special occasions.

United States

It would not be unfair to say that 4th of July celebrations are just simply incomplete without a stunning fireworks display. Fireworks have become an integral part of the American celebration of independence from the British Empire. These displays light up the sky all over the US and are usually associated with barbecues, water activities and socializing with friends and family. Fireworks also have a prominent spot in our New Year’s celebrations and have started to trend in other areas, such as weddings, birthdays, gender reveal parties and even celebration of life events.


Fireworks are used in India during the celebration of the ‘Festival of Lights’, known as Diwali, which is celebrated between October and November each year and lasts several days. Diwali got its name from the return of one of India’s leader after the exile and streets were lit with fireworks to welcome him back home. Since then, this festival is celebrated by people of all ages from different Hindu sects. Diwali also represents Thanksgiving for the end of that year and the beginning of the New Year.

Hong Kong & China

As the largest exporter of fireworks, China and Hong Kong has one of the most fantastic yellow and red firework displays around. Colored dragons dance through the streets for the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The Charming Lantern Festivals that takes place on the first weekend of February is also a famous cultural celebration in these countries. These fireworks are used to drive off evil and it is believed the one who will launch the first firework of the New Year night will attain good luck.


The locals celebrate the historic heritage of Japan through fireworks during August. The Japanese dress up in traditional costumes to showcase their love for their country. The best display is along the Sumida River in Tokyo. This tradition has been carried out since the 18th century.


The Arab Muslims in Dubai celebrate their religious festivals, known as Eid ul Azha and Eid ul Fitr, by lighting fireworks. This is the best scene in this city when nine displays are orchestrated at the same time, which is beyond our imagination. The best fireworks display on New Year’s Eve around the world is in Dubai near the tallest building of the world, Burj Khalifa. These fireworks are famous and people from all over come to watch the show on December 31st.

Fireworks Transcend Location and Culture

Regardless of your location or culture, fireworks play a large part in many different festivities and celebrations. Something is truly spectacular about a colorful explosion in the night sky that brings people together.