Is it a boy or girl? This question was once only answered the day the bundle of joy was born. The baby’s parents were the first to know, then they spread the news to their loved ones. Nowadays, parents are disclosing the sex of their unborn child with a gender reveal party. The most common method has been by means of cake. The parents cut a slice to the guests’ delight, exposing either pink (for girl) or blue (for boy) on the inside to cheering guests. Though the cake reveal is exciting, some parents-to-be are kicking it up a few notches by replacing the cake with fireworks.

If you’re interested in making your moment unforgettable, here are the steps to throwing your party with gender reveal fireworks.

Step 1: Decide Who Will Be Surprised

  • Surprise just the guests: Perhaps the parents-to-be know the baby’s gender but they want to surprise their loved ones. This method is for parents who can’t bear to wait, but still want to partake in the gender reveal party fun.
  • Surprise everyone: Mom and dad can also be surprised along with their guests. During the doctor’s appointment when gender could be divulged, ask your doctor to not say it aloud. Instead, she can write it down and place it in an envelope. When it’s time to purchase the gender reveal fireworks, simply hand over the paper to out staff. Having the new parents in on the surprise makes for a classic reaction video, so be sure someone’s recording the special moment.

Step 2: Invitations, Decorations & Other Party Fun

  • Invitations: Consider who you want to share this moment with and how big of a gathering you want to manage. Do you want it to be a large and lavish party, or perhaps a smaller, more intimate event? Invite accordingly.
  • Decorations: Heighten the suspense of the occasion by decorating with lots of blue and pink. Also consider adding a fireworks theme to the party—perhaps “Ready to Pop” to nod to both the explosives and the new mom.
  • Party Fun: Consider raising the stakes by introducing a party game. Have two bowls, one decorated in blue and the other pink. Ask guests to write their gender guess and throw it in the corresponding bowl, along with their name. After the gender is revealed, you can turn the winning bowl into raffle entries and even give away a prize.

Step 3: Add Gender Reveal Fireworks!

Come visit our location or our new online shopping cart to view the selection of gender reveal fireworks available. You’re sure to find something that meets your party desires and budget. Don’t worry about the surprise being spoiled—gender reveal fireworks aren’t colored on the outside so no secrets will be exposed until the big moment. Our staff will help you choose the right fireworks for your event. We are dedicated to making your special moment an unforgettable one!